The Republican Fallacy and the rise of the Global Corporation

Technically the republicans should be rejoicing by the latest GE move to China, because it is pro-business and pro-free market capitalism. I remember reading a post on a news forum by an American businessman who has his products made in China and IT work done in India. His whole point was that it was cheaper to get things made and done in China or India and with equally good results, so why on earth would he ever do it in US. Profit is the goal of capitalist business and as long as that is true why would any business want to make things in US. Republican tax breaks and cuts are like having your cake and eating it as well.

The underlying assumption that by giving tax breaks and having less regulation the business would stay makes no sense because the end result is that they still make less profit and why would they want to make less profit (unless they have a *gasp* ‘socialist agenda’)?? (Republicans are too afraid to admit or realize that patriotism is a veiled socialist concept. After all America without americans has little meaning.)

In fact the Republican tax cuts in the Bush era made it clear to the coroporatocracy the strength that the corporations possessed and the influence they wielded in America or any other country. Since America had no way to threaten them in a global market, they have realized that they are not tied to American interests or policies. They could do better by avoiding labor laws etc by relocating in other countries and selling 2 dollar shirts for 25 to the US and the rest of the world. Now they have created an upscale market in countries like India and China and they can stick a tag on the same shirt and sell it for 25 dollars there as well.

Americans were happy while globalism favored them, i.e. while the “American” companies were bringing profits from abroad by selling infrastructure construction, weapons, products etc. and the rest of the world was not advanced enough to set up shop. Now that situation has changed and keeps changing. The world is catching up. As the “American” companies have realized that they can make huge profits by not being american except in the name, they are jumping over each other’s heads to get out. This is the reality of the world. Americans should start realizing that there is no such thing as an American business (regardless of advertising). Business is business and it wants your money, period. The basic premise of any capitalist business is ‘let’s make money’, not ‘let’s give people work’.

Perhaps in 50-100 years, America would become poor enough and the talented people would move out to more opportune places so that it would become once again profitable to come here and pay measly wages and care nothing for the workers in a return of ‘The Jungle’ by Upton Sinclair. Until then if we keep up our ignorance, we can enjoy the slow decline as we continue strolling down the free bazaar.

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