Practical invention

Wouldn’t it be great to have small AC enclosures beds or small single refrigerator like beds for hot weather places? It would cost much less energy to keep them cool instead of cooling an entire room or house. Thus they will be eco-friendly. The single beds can have triple paned clear plexiglass filled with argon for the top of the enclosure and regular high density foam insulation in the bottom. It could come in large egg like shape or cuboid shapes. It could also be outfitted with multimedia stuff. The opposite technology can also be used in cold places. Larger enclosures can be made around larger beds.
Imagine your child breathing filtered clean cool air and studying or having fun inside one of these pods. If you are a large company interested in manufacturing these en masse, let me know.

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  1. Navjot says:

    Also you could have several linked beds/enclosures supplied from a single source with hepa filters to prevent germs being circulated.

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