Micro blood-pumps, pressure & flow sensors

I envision a future life saving and prolonging system created by implanting several micro pressure & flow sensors that can sense when blood circulation is being impaired locally and alerts the person to check with a doctor for blockages etc. This could wake a person up if the flow gets severely blocked and save lives of persons with heart disease.
A second system will be creating very small light pumps that tie in with the pressure sensors (best would be if we could get them to run off of bio-electrical impulses, but for initial use they could be run from batteries) to enhance flow as the person ages and maintain healthy level of circulation hopefully extending life. These pumps could also help in case of heart failure to keep some blood moving. (Once in place the system ought to be able to be monitored non-invasively)
Eventually these sensors could also monitor blood clots passing by and alert the person for possible stroke prevention. If any bio-engineers want to expand further on this please feel free.

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