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  1. Rishab says:

    Hello Navjotji

    Hope you are doing great. It was nice talking to you earlier today.

    We have recently bought over the Ali Akbar College Store. We were supplying them with instruments from India till January and since we got to know that the store may close down, we decided to buy the store and run it effectively. We have the same staff and the instruments but our purchasing is very effective since we supply a lot of raw materials to many manufacturers in India. We have our own retail stores in India too.

    We are purchasing 12 – 24 sets of Tablas from these manufacturers. For e.g. Vhatkar, Somnath, Shyamal, Muktadas and Hanif. These drums are the best and are ideal for many students and professionals. Our purchasing price and getting these instruments by sea makes them cost effective. We have a return policy too if the instrument does not reach you in the correct condition. We are packing these instruments ourselves in India and the staff working here are professionals who have been playing these instruments for more than 20-25 years. This experience helps us to serve you better. The instruments are tuned once they are ready to be shipped.

    We would love to spread our Indian culture and music together here.

    Our store is situated in Berkeley, California.

    Have a great day.


  2. Jsy clairain says:

    You’re so awesome!!

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