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Music, logic and pleasure

Pleasure is not governed by the dictates of logic. Even though logic is required to structure the pleasure, it isn’t the reason for it. To enjoy a hammock it needs to be hung properly between two objects, otherwise the pleasure dissipates. Where the two objects are located defines the kind of the pleasure e.g. if the backdrop is an island, the sea and coconut trees, the pleasure could be one of a holiday, if the backdrop is a shady afternoon … Continue reading

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Cure for common cold and other viruses

Congratulations to Todd Rider and Lincoln lab researchers at MIT for finding a broad spectrum cure for viruses. This is possibly a great advance in medicine. There are a couple questions I wonder about, but if this works it will save many lives.

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The Republican Fallacy and the rise of the Global Corporation

Technically the republicans should be rejoicing by the latest GE move to China, because it is pro-business and pro-free market capitalism. I remember reading a post on a news forum by an American businessman who has his products made in China and IT work done in India. His whole point was that it was cheaper to get things made and done in China or India and with equally good results, so why on earth would he ever do it in … Continue reading

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Practical invention

Wouldn’t it be great to have small AC enclosures beds or small single refrigerator like beds for hot weather places? It would cost much less energy to keep them cool instead of cooling an entire room or house. Thus they will be eco-friendly. The single beds can have triple paned clear plexiglass filled with argon for the top of the enclosure and regular high density foam insulation in the bottom. It could come in large egg like shape or cuboid … Continue reading

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Micro blood-pumps, pressure & flow sensors

I envision a future life saving and prolonging system created by implanting several micro pressure & flow sensors that can sense when blood circulation is being impaired locally and alerts the person to check with a doctor for blockages etc. This could wake a person up if the flow gets severely blocked and save lives of persons with heart disease. A second system will be creating very small light pumps that tie in with the pressure sensors (best would be … Continue reading

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The So-called “Hard Problem”

The so-called “hard problem” is the problem of consciousness.  I call it the so-called problem because it is not a real problem at all. Easy problems are easy because all that is required for their solution is to specify a mechanism that can perform the function. There are two assumptions that create the problem: First assumption is that a human being’s consciousness and self-awareness is somehow magical or special. Second is that an object (real or imagined) leading to experience … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Ideas

On this blog, I will be posting ideas about music, culture, science, possible inventions, literature and other subjects.  I invite the people who are working in those fields to comment and share their ideas and knowledge freely with others who might be interested in these ideas.

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